About Deane Russell

Deane has been painting since the turn of the century, has had a number of successful exhibitions but over the past 10 years has been on a long challenge overseas and interstate and only recently moved into Neutral Bay.

The gallery is also used as his studio and Deane paints in the space most days, although doesn’t want to be fixed on opening hours.

Current works include a number of pieces from his recent sojourn back into the Northern Territory, while also reflecting previous canvasses and work living near the beach.

Deane is also a sculptor and is showing  a few of his works from clay firings using native timbers and earth materials from the outback in the NT.

In addition to painting and sculpting, Deane is an avid fiction writer and poet.  One of his aims is to grow the gallery into a community artist hub and feature local poetry nights early in the New Year.

There are no fixed opening hours as Deane wants the freedom to paint and travel, but if you pass by and the gallery is open, then he is happy to shout a coffee and chat about creativity.