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"Outside Eromanga, Western Queensland"

Oil on Canvas



"Nippers at Bondi Beach October 2009"

Oil on Canvass


"Red Outback"

Oil on Canvass SOLD


"Sand Island in the Caribbean"

Oil On Canvass



"Mic Sailing Off Byron Rocks" Oil on Canvass 

SOLD On Commission from a photo


"Caribbean Underwater"

Oil on Canvass

Yellow Fin Tuna One; Oil on Australian Recycled Hardwood


"Perfect Day"

Oil on Canvass


Around the Marker off South Head; Oil on Canvass

"Underwater Forrest"; Oil on Canvass



"Red Rock Flows": Oil On Canvass


"Cane Fire": Oil On Canvass


"Underwater Garden": Oil On Canvass



Deane Russell