Deane Russell's


"Caribbean Bacchanal"



This Book is Free to Read But Not Republish in Any form

This book is about sex, drugs and rock and roll (politics) in the Caribbean.

I decided to 'self publish' and give it away for free because I think it no one in Australia would publish it and I don't know anyone in New York or London in the publishing business.

Please feel free to download the chapters. 

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Caribbean Bacchanal *


 Deane Rowan Russell

WARNING; This book contains course language, sex and drug related material which may cause offence to some people. Caution is urged in supplying this material to people under the age of 18.

This material is copyrighted to Deane Rowan Russell

Click on each one of the chapters to download.

Caribbean Bacchanal Chapter One  

Caribbean Bacchanal Chapter Two

Caribbean Bacchanal Chapter Three



* The definition of Bacchanal, according to John Mendes' famous Trinidad dictionary, "Cote ce Cote la" is

"Any large, noisy do. Scandal. Heavy quarrelling. Big Party. Confusion. (Bacchus - God of Wine)."





Deane Russell